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Say YES to knowing what U want! VisualizeU can help show you how to create a life of choice. By looking inward and identifying what we want, we no longer let opportunities pass unnoticed- we recognize and seize them! As we plan for them, we welcome them into our world. Let VisualizeU turn you onto the ULTIMATE strategy for Goal Setting! By using our Ultimate Goal Setting Board Kit, you can become your own LIFE COACH through the ACT of identifying and reenforcing what you want.


Belief is the thing that allows obstacles to turn into stepping stones along the path to your success.

– Shawannah Bordenave

Shawannah Bordenave

VisualizeU Vision Boards are not ideas, they’re success stories! Learn more about the founder of VisualizeU, Shawannah Bordenave, and what motivates her to help people achieve success.

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Achieving your goals all begins with a vision, and achieving that vision begins reenforcing its place in your life. Learn about how VisualizeU Vision Boards can help you propel your dreams to create your future.

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  • With a little bit of intention and clarity you too can also achieve the exact same results. Join the ‘VisualizeU’ family, purchase a Goal Board and learn how to reveal your best.

    – Jennifer-Lee Robinson

  • What am I doing everyday? Making things happen!! Since posting my goals on this goal board I have achieved so many of my goals.

    – Angela Meryl

  • Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it will achieve, but first of all you must have visualize U. This technique is excellent; it pinpoints you towards your goals. I have found great success in following Shawannah Bordenave’s techniques!

    – Rivien Murphy

  • VisualizeU is a lifestyle and has allowed me to take control of my destiny! So thank you, Shawannah and the entire VisualizeU team!

    – Cam Murphy